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Training & Skill Verification

ensuring safety & increasing productivity

It is important for any employer to be confident in their prospective forklift drivers’ expertise and training prior to placing them in their operating environments.

Our Core Focus Forklift Practical Examination offers our customers that security. It provides a structured framework for evaluating forklift driving skills against the unique skillsets required by each customer and their respective unique facilities and operations. Trained Core Focus personnel evaluate prospective drivers on operating a forklift safely and effectively. Once verified, employers can satisfy regulatory compliance such as OSHA, and ensure safety and productivity from day one on their shop floor. 

​Clients report easier compliance with OSHA standards, increased productivity, and reduced safety and hiring costs.

Forklift Skill Verification

Forklift Training for Beginner Operators

Core Focus offers more extensive training for beginner forklift operators.  As part of a two-day class, Core Focus’ Beginner Operator Program helps prospective drivers develop basic forklift driving skills in a safe and non-production environment. 

First, students are trained on theory and safety of machine operation.  Once the conceptual understanding is established, students are guided through multiple iterations of our practical examination course to develop the proper forklift driving technique and skills.

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